Enter the Dungeon: First-Person Dungeon Crawls on the Super Nintendo

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Top Six Creepiest Super Nintendo Games

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Forgotten Mascots of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Lasting Fun: SNES Games that Grant Many Hours of Entertainment

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My Top 5 Guilty Pleasures on the Super Nintendo

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Top 5 Most Skippable Super Nintendo Ports

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5 Intriguing Genre Hybrids of the Super Nintendo Era

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Super Elusive: The Rarest SNES Games Out There

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A Tribute To Zelda: Link To The Past

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Puzzling: The Puzzle Phenomenon on the Super Nintendo

Tetris may have started the genre, but it certainly wasn’t the only influence. As a relative outsider to the genre today I investigate the puzzlingly popular phenomena of the Match-3 genre on the Super Nintendo. Showcasing each game’s… Read More