Lasting Fun: SNES Games that Grant Many Hours of Entertainment

This list may be all about Super Nintendo games that will really last you, but the list itself will be delivered rapid-fire style – after all, you don’t have time to sit around reading about game specifics! You’ve got GAMES to play!!!

And we’ve got to get you started ASAP, because some of these will run you 50+ hours if you’re going for total completion! So fire up your console and massage those button-calluses; it’s endurance run time!

Uncharted Waters: New Horizons

If you’re a fan of seafaring and exploration in the age of discovery, you could end up spending a great deal of time with this game! Not entirely unlike the better-known Sid Meier’s Pirates!, this title will allow you to get your fix of the high seas on your SNES. Due to its open-ended nature, a playthrough can easily run you dozens of hours… Provided you can find a copy!

Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen

This first entry in the Ogre Battle series is bursting with content, featuring 25 time-consuming tactical stages in addition to a few hidden ones. And if that’s not enough for you, the game also features thirteen different endings to sate the appetite of even the most hardcaore completionist.

Tecmo Super Bowl

Possibly the SNES game with the greatest potential to hook you for 100+ hours, (provided you have even a passing interest in football, of course!) Tecmo Super Bowl is legendary among sports game aficionados. The first sports video game to use the full NFL roster and robust statistics tracking, fans of the game continue to play it to this day… And with the ability to play through full seasons while controlling multiple teams of the game’s 28-team roster, you can certainly see why.

Final Fantasy VI (III on SNES)

Of all the RPGs on the Super Nintendo, this one provides the most time investment potential. Though the main story can be completed in about 30 hours if you know what you’re doing, completion requirements such as sidequests, maxing out character capabilities, and obtaining every ultimate item can push your playtime beyond the 50-hour mark!


The reputation of SimCity as a prime time-waster is well-deserved, and there may be no better version on which to waste than time than the SNES edition! With the inclusion of Dr. Wright, Bowser as the city-destroying monster, and the ability to earn a Mario statue for a population of 500,000 or over, (plus some other nice bonuses), SimCity has the potential to beguile you for many days straight even as the “Sim” franchise continues to iterate!

Harvest Moon

Though Harvest Moon as a franchise has been chugging along for awhile now, this first entry is considered by many to still be the best. In terms of a time-consuming experience on the SNES that can’t be experienced better anywhere else, Harvest Moon takes the cake. Its meditative gameplay, irresistible charm, and quaint clockwork world are enchanting to this very day, and if you happen to find a copy you will be a fortunate and thoroughly-entertained gamer indeed.

And with that, a diverse list of the very meatiest titles available on the Super Nintendo has concluded! Honorable mention goes to a host of RPGs that I could have mentioned, but it would have bogged down the list. However, in the interests of making this article as indispensable as possible, I will list a few of them for you now:

Thank you for reading, and happy gaming!

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